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Art tips on how to occupy yourself whilst you are stuck at home

Were you aware that art can help you focus the mind and some have even compared it to meditation due to its calming effects on the brain and the body. The arts can inspire and motivate. As an artist I get inspiration from nature and colour. This time of year, the spring flowers are magnificent so I’ve put together a collage of spring flowers that I will sketch and then plan how to put them in a painting.

If you’re tearing your hair out thinking what to do at home either by yourself or with the children then why don’t you try some art. First, get some paper and a few coloured pencils or paints. Then chose which flower or flowers you want to paint This is meant to be fun. Be creative. You don’t need to be an expert just draw a simple outline first. Also, just because the colour might be yellow you don’t have to use yellow, why not use your favourite colour or introduce patterns. If you’ve got children then count the petals or stalks or what colours are you using. The choices are yours and are endless. Good luck, have fun, be creative, there is no right or wrong

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