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Why an Art Event is Beneficial for your Business

‘I can’t get my staff back into the office’ or ‘My staff seem to find it difficult to communicate’


Have you heard this before?


Certainly, since COVID, I’m hearing these and similar comments more and more. People have lost the ability to communicate and thereby losing the benefits and experience that they would normally gain by working around other people in the workplace.


What I do in my art workshops or teambuilding events is give people the power to believe in themselves and the confidence to create a fabulous painting. Nearly everyone says they can’t paint but I know they can and I promise everyone that they will leave with a great painting.


I also guarantee that they will feel less stressed, will be re-energised and leave with a smile on their face.


Many people haven’t painted since school so might feel they’ll make an idiot of themselves or perhaps someone once mocked a painting they did when they were younger. I believe that somewhere between leaving school and today they’ve lost the ability to create. I give it back to them.


Sitting down together at one of my teambuilding events, people mix and communicate with each other. They jointly participate and encourage each other so giving each other confidence.


Painting is known to be therapeutic and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Providing employees with a creative outlet can contribute to a healthier work place leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.


Painting is inclusive and accessible to individuals with diverse backgrounds, skill sets and abilities, providing a space where everyone can participate at work. It also requires individuals to be present in the moment, focusing on the task at hand thus helping employees become more aware of their surroundings, reduce distractions, and improve overall well-being.


Another thing about painting with me is that my events are fun. It’s not the boring, ‘copy me - stroke by stroke’. You go at your own pace and I’m with you the whole time.


Many businesses are now planning what teambuilding events to do for their staff – why don’t you message me to see how I can help you get the most from your staff.

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