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Having recently run a Girls’ Night Fun Drawing Party where everyone drew a series of different short poses but laughed and joked throughout ...

I then wanted to reflect on why some people may feel uncomfortable.

For many, drawing nudes can feel invasive or uncomfortable, especially if they are not accustomed to drawing the human form without clothing. It might challenge their personal boundaries or make them feel exposed.


Nudity is often associated with taboo or indecency in many cultures. People may fear judgment or criticism from others if they choose to draw nudes, particularly if they share their work publicly.


Some individuals may have moral or religious objections to nudity, viewing it as inappropriate or sinful. This can create internal conflict and make them reluctant to engage in drawing nudes.


Drawing the human body, especially in its natural form, can be technically challenging. Some artists may feel they lack the confidence or skill necessary to accurately portray nudes, leading to feelings of frustration or inadequacy. However, at my art events, no experience is necessary.


There may be concerns about how their intentions will be perceived by others. Even if the intent is purely artistic, some people worry that their drawings may be misunderstood as sexual or inappropriate.


If drawing from life, models are required who are willing to pose nude. Some may feel uncomfortable asking others to pose in the nude. For my events, not only do I have a selection of lovely models but they also have a fabulous personality.


In certain cultures, nudity is not commonly depicted in art or media. Artists from these backgrounds may not have been exposed to nude figure drawing as a common practice and may feel uncomfortable exploring it.


Overall, the reluctance to draw nudes can stem from a combination of personal, social, cultural, and practical factors. However, it's important to recognize that attitudes towards nudity vary widely among individuals and communities, and what one person may find uncomfortable, another may embrace as a legitimate form of artistic expression.


If you’re planning a friends’ night out, birthday or Hen party then let’s have a discussion as to how I can make this a memorable occasion.

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