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Who doesn’t want to go to a party and have fun?

And, after a strategic morning planning at work, don’t you want the team activity afterwards to be enjoyable?


Quite often, when people are told that they are going to a painting or drawing event, panic sets it. Emotion and imagination take over and can sometimes block out the enjoyment the

y will get from it. They say, ‘I’m rubbish at it, it’ll be boring like at school, I’ll make a fool of myself!’


Of course, none of that is true and painting and drawing, especially in a group, is fun. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s not a competition and I wouldn’t want you to be hard on yourself if it doesn’t go the way you plan.


I’m also, frequently told, ‘I’ve got too much work on’ or ‘can’t take the time off’.


At the end of every teambuilding event, the people who told me they’re too busy to take off a couple hours, always tell me that they’re glad they did it, how relaxed they are and didn’t want the activity to stop.


Painting and drawing allow us to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation. Creativity opens the mind. If we were a society that has lost touch with its creative side it will be an imprisoned society, meaning that people won’t know how to be open or think outside the box. Painting and drawing broaden our perspectives and can help us overcome prejudices.


I never think anyone has done a rubbish drawing because they really haven’t. When you’re drawing or painting you think about it, you put your soul into it and this is reflected in what is created.


When we’re all looking at the same object, model or landscape we all see different things. What we actually see has been absorbed in our brain but we put our own interpretation into the drawing or painting. That is creativity.


But what is the benefit of creativity?

An exploring imagination through painting and drawing allows us to express ourselves, problem solve, communicate with others, develop self-confidence, and discover things that make us feel happy and fulfilled.


Painting is a positive thing and has many beneficial effects. Did you realise that if you’re positive or happy that you stand taller. I don’t mean you grow an inch but your body posture reflects your mood.


What do I do? – I supply team motivational teambuilding events through the power of art. I go into your business and destress and re-energise your staff with a couple of hours of painting or drawing or I go to the venue of your choice and give you a party that your friends will remember for years.

Whatever the number in your team, I can guarantee that everybody will leave with a smile on their face.


So, are you planning a party or work event? Then let me help you. Contact me for more information.

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