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‘It was fabulous - I didn’t know what was going to happen’

This was said to me after a painting event I recently did for 50 people.

Nearly all the people had not painted in years and were a bit apprehensive. Many said they couldn’t paint or were rubbish at it.

I know they can paint, they lack confidence. Like so many people, somewhere from school days to adulthood they have lost that creative spark and I give it back to them.

Of course there could be a different reason, for example a teacher, a friend or someone else has told them they are rubbish or some other disparaging comment. I know this happens as this was my experience at school.

Some people have such a bad experience that they never pick up a paint brush again. I want to correct that by proving to them that they can paint and that painting is fun.

I can always guarantee that people leave my events with a smile on their face having created a fabulous painting.

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