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I can't believe I created this painting!

The reason why am I so passionate about running painting workshops/teambuilding/parties is because collaborative art focuses on co-operation rather than competition. Artists can work together as equals and pool their ideas, in addition to sharing paints.

If someone is naturally shy then working in a group allows them to express themselves creatively so they feel they’re not making an idiot of themselves. The chances are that someone else in the group is thinking the same thing.

Another reason why I love running art groups is that painting makes us feel good. These days, there’s so much onus on staff to perform and stick to deadlines and painting is a wonderful release for them. Painting is therapeutic in that it ‘destresses’. It influences how we look at things or will approach a problem. Painting also has an influence on your future work presentations because you’ll look at composition/design differently.

Imagine being able to escape the pressures you’re under for an hour or two. This is what happens in a painting workshop.

I nurture everybody and bring out that creative spark in them. I don’t allow negativity and this allows one’s imagination to flourish. Somewhere between school and now, that creativity has been lost and forgotten.

One of the reasons why people are happy and relaxed when painting is because feel-good hormones are released and when people are happy they smile and laugh. This produces more oxygen that goes round the body and is good for us.

So when planning your next teambuilding event, why don’t you consider a painting one. You won’t be disappointed and it will be different from anything you’ve done before – it will also be fun.

Contact me for more information.

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