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Think you can't paint?

Quite often, when people are told they are going to a painting or drawing event, panic sets it. Emotion and imagination take over and can sometimes block out the enjoyment they will get from it.

Painting and drawing should be fun. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s not a competition and I wouldn’t want anyone to be hard on themself if it doesn’t go the way they want.

The last few years have been tough and nearly everyone has been starved of fun – joy is a nourishment. It feeds the endorphins and this makes us feel good.

Every time I’ve run a painting or drawing event in the workplace it has been enjoyed. The reason why, is because art has such a therapeutic effect that you don’t think of yo

ur work load or the environment you’re painting in. Instead, you’re thinking of what you’re doing. Your mind is engaged in an activity and you’re putting together and planning a painting - and because, however much of an idiot you thought you’d make of yourself, the opposite has happened and people come away with a really lovely painting.

Doing something new or something you haven’t done since school can be quite daunting. Lack of confidence, convinced you can’t paint or think it’ll be hard or even boring, are pre-conceived ideas that shouldn’t exist but they do. Painting boosts self-esteem, aids concentration and encourages creative thinking.

As a Mental Health First Aider and an artist I know how beneficial painting and drawing can be. I also have experience in project management so understand the stresses staff can experience under their workloads.

I want to help business get the most from their staff and each of my art teambuilding events is geared towards that aim. Let me help you achieve this.

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