Corporate Art Parties

The most important person in your place of work is the employee and we want to help them realise their full potential.


To all those companies who are struggling to get people back into work let me take the pain away. An Art Team building day will bring your staff together in a fun and educational way. Our art sessions are designed and run with your people in mind and how we can make an impact on them in the workplace and even in their personal life.


We’ll provide everything and we’ll do it at your place of work (within reason). Venue and Location costs not included.


Fee: £350 for half a day (3 hours), including materials. 10 people maximum. Venue, refreshments & travel costs not included.

Hen / Stag / Birthday Parties

Let us be a part of your party. Whether a family get-together, a bridal shower, a 90th birthday, or even a Hen or Stag do.


Nude Drawing - Looking for a different kind of party, that will be talked about for years to come? Have fun with various drawing tasks and games whilst enjoying some Prosecco and nibbles. We’ll bring the Nude model, so don’t panic, it’s not going to be you. What better way to appreciate the human body than this fabulous, informative, life drawing party where you get the chance to get creative, try something new, have bags of fun and release your inner Da Vinci.


If you think your life drawing skills don't go beyond stick men with smiley faces you may surprise yourself. You can even add a competitive element, by awarding your own prize for the best sketch and appoint your model to act as judge.


Painting - Not keen on nude drawing then opt for painting instead. Sip, paint and create your own masterpiece. Feel free to use art props and be prepared to have fun. Have you got the courage to unleash your creativity? These can be done in your own home, garden, a venue of your choice or at your place of work.


Fee: £350 for half a day (3 hours), including materials. 10 people maximum. Venue, any required life models, refreshments & travel costs not included.

Private & Group Art Lessons

In our group and private lessons, no one says they’ve made a mistake. If your painting is not quite what you were planning then you can change it. After all, it’s your painting and you are the artist – so nobody knows what your intention was. And we will guide you of course.


Our lessons and courses are a complete beginner’s course for those who want a general overview and introduction to drawing and painting.


You will be introduced to a variety of techniques and the formal elements of painting and drawing. This will include, line, colour, texture, form, perspective and many more. You will also experiment with a wide range of mediums, ranging from pencil, charcoal and, acrylics. The aim of the course is to develop your own creative pathway through fundamental painting and drawing techniques.


Group Fee: £15 person per hour (Minimum 10 and Maximum 20 in one session). Including materials. Venue, any required life models, refreshments & travel costs not included.


Private Fee: £30 per hour for maximum of one person. Including materials. Venue, any required life models, refreshments & travel costs not included.

Art Appreciation Classes & Tours


Together we can explore, on a private or group basis, via classes, local tours or travel tours, how art has changed over the centuries along with the different styles, movements, and the impact on the issues of society at that time.


Art appreciation helps open up the mindset of the people, by listening to different perspectives and views as well as different interpretations of the painting you’re looking at. It encourages thoughtful conversation and the understanding that there is more than one approach to everything.


Let’s take the art appreciation a step further and look at some paintings in person. We’ll discuss and analyse what we see, whether we like or don’t like and if it gives us ideas for creating our own paintings.


We offer Private & Group classes, local tours, travelling tours and online tours. POA.

Originals, Commissions, Murals & Gifts


Landscapes/Abstract commissions are available on request. Pricing depends on client requirements.



Our murals fit perfectly in homes, offices, and community buildings. We love taking on a new mural challenge for a new type of design, space, or location. Please do get in touch to discuss your vision and to see how we can help you with your project. Pricing depends on client requirements.



We produce a wide range of paintings that are unique, original and range from £85 to £25,000



Whether it is a Giclee Prints, a set of custom corporate greetings cards, moleskin style notebooks or even silk-finish wrapping paper with Gaye Daniels original designs please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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